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Rachel McDonald
12 Projects

Rachel McDonald is an award-winning director with an adept sensitivity to her subjects. Born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, she absorbed the rhythms of storytelling from a young age, giving her an innate curiosity that continues to drive her exploration of the world and its stories.

Rachel got her start on feature films working for acclaimed directors Frank Darabont, Nancy Meyers and Clint Eastwood, learning the craft firsthand. She has since made her mark as a commercial director with notable high profile campaigns such as Mercedes x Cinderella ‘Rewrite The Story’ starring Camilla Cabello, Berlei x Serena Williams ‘Do It For Yourself’, as well as a host of other major brands including BMW, Thinx, Facebook, Microsoft, IKEA, HP, and the Grammy Awards.

Her 'Behind the Post' PSA for the One Love Foundation earned multiple awards including a Silver Cannes Lion and continues to be used as part of the organization’s curriculum for recognizing and preventing relationship abuse. In addition to commercials, Rachel has also written and directed multiple award-winning short films including 'Hermanos', 'Thirst' starring Melanie Griffith and documentary short 'Uganda: Friends of the Gorilla'.

Mercedes x Cinderella
Rewrite The Story
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It Was You
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Every Day Is Your Day
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Tetley Tea
Not Your Average Cup of Tea
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Serena Williams
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New Orleans Tourism
I'll Rise
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Hewlett Packard
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One Love
Behind The Post
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